'Alone in the Dark' series, 2006.

black and white silver halide RC prints from 35mm negatives, contents variable.

i couldn't decide how i wanted to display these. orginally, they were in a box.
this was fine really. except i put in a few that i didnt really like.
later, i got them out of the box again to put up in an exhibition, and i ended up leaving some of them out, and mixing in a couple of colour ones. this was much better, even though i used blutak which is still stuck to them today, which is not great but serves to identify those i chose, kind of.

i think as a series, they arent coherent, they are somewhat repeditive, and they dont make sense. you cant read them collectively, they're exuberant and singular. they go together, but they also go by themselves, or with unrelated objects. confounded by this paradox, i have put them back in the little black box, so you can look at them like that.

ooh lets see more