20 photos - Decay series 2007

i took these in 2006/7 with a 35mm slr, they are about 20cm in the longest dimension. they're largely natural images with elements of human interference, and the transforming influence of decay. they continue the 'imaginary landscapes' theme, but its a pretty loose series. not very conceptual, that got me in trouble. i arranged them in a book according to light and colour and how lines continued and changed, rather than a specific and highly contrived narrative - stories are easier to write down for me :)

they're arranged here as they were in my book, one to a leaf so you could only see one at a time. maybe i should have them on separate pages, but i always find that sort of thing annoying on other sites, and i dont want to impose an arbitrary number before you need to click for more [or not, as is much more likely],

and i recognise that its just impossible to do the same sort of thing on the internets as in a book because of loading times, so here they are in 640px tiles - click for a 1000px big version :)

appologies, 1.4mb loading...