Know your roots. They run deep.

Lunchtime, Sunday the 22nd of August, 2010: Snow
Of Cliffes, Craggs and Arches [March 2010]
wellington falls 7th Dec. 2008 1:10PM, looking up
wellington falls 30th Nov. 2008 3:30PM, looking down
9:40PM, Thursday the 13th of November, 2008: looking north
yashica scans
argus scans
Targa Cars, 2008
rocket times of yore
launch: FSE353 Journal
e-media site 2, 1
site log/about

This website

Was a sandbox when I was very young, <20. A decade later, much of this rubbish is a bit embarrassing. Communities have come and gone, friends and projects developed, disintegrated and shelved. But I’m still proud of it and happy it was part of my past, so here are the old pages.

I got started in Live For Speed approximately the same time I was first making this website (when it was, which I got for free from a contact on a forum).
I then started university and was into a bunch of other stuff - Pinhole photography, graphics and animation, painting, sculpture and furniture design.
Late in my uni time, I started with rockets, and this carried on intensely and then sporadically, incorporating many of my other interests (and sometimes displacing them) for 5 years.
When I became urban, I started riding bikes again daily after not bothering for years. I built and fixed a lot of bikes and gave them to friends, which got them started too.
Finally, I started working in theatre and with a designer-maker. This has taken me all over the place, really helped me learn and explore, introduced me to so many people and ideas. Its made me who I am today.
The most recent is Bike Polo with my local club, changing the way I look at community and what it means to make something.
Sometimes, I work on cars too.