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date: 18/04/11



The motor hardware for Super Electrosonic has been machined and is now ready for assembly, Brett
has just informed me. The casing and bulkhead have been produced to match the nozzle, after some
design revisions.

This means that a test-firing is much closer. Still left to do is:
-Assembly and assess motor integrity and suitability
-Rig pressure gauge and test stand to measure thrust and pressure
-Concoct and form propellant grains, tubes, ignitors
-Assemble complete motor

I'll update the page when I have pictures, now that I have an internet I can use :)

date: 05/04/11
I don't have the internet, so i wonder if this will work? Updating from my sofa, great hall, whomp's fortress, 7000

date: 10/03/11

I have always loved the theatre

I am working on a production, I am acquiring splinters and night-time commitments, travel plans and timetables.

-however i am also moving house
-studying light and sound
-and reaching, again and more surely for the stars

so there's much news and key progress in aerospace, many pictures to display of all kinds of things, adventures to relate.

and sneaky mp3z to upload >:3

date: 22/07/10
Now its snowing! finally the familiar white ground / blue sky / sun doing its thing that i always look forward to in winter.

I've added a contact feature, like i always promised i would, for about 2 years. its a sophisticated hacker-beating implementation :)

I've upped some rocket related drawings and, going forward in the manner of a government type, more images of things like car skins and panoramas and half-broken scanners.

date: 05/06/10
A spiral in the sky

5-6am today over australia. i bet its something mundane. like ALIENS!

hope its aliens, that'll show them.

[super turbo internet hindsight] apparently there was a spiral over norway 6 months ago, and it was a
foundering russian rocket. thats almost more awesome!!

oh mans r-

from Baden West, thanks you're a legend. hotlinking from abc but i'll rehost it when i can figure out
this mac upload ashjkfdkajshdfkjash&@^#&*

date: 12/05/10
Things have been happening.

1/ The Electrosonic II project is underway, and its page has been [poorly] updated [electrosonic2.html]

2/I got a letter, in it was a form for a health care card, i filled it out, it was fun.

3/Dad bought a boat allegedly, but i haven't seen it, so i cant POST PICS.

4/Lisa [whats her website] gave me TWO scanners. GAVE. i can dismantle BOTH of them! one looks like a pretty decent printer, too.

thats all for now :)

date: 03/05/10
i'm investigating deployment systems for my rocket, and they are going to be super smart, and made of salvage. i'll update the page with details! i'm also racing in the MNR league tonight, and i think i should make a page about that [LFS league racing-related, not specifically about this race)

date: 27/04/10


Electrosonic II goes ahead - 25mm single stage, clockwork timer, camera phone, epoxy-post tube structure, steel nozzle etc. developing two-stage, air speed activated, and jumbo 40mm motor. outdoor use only, dress brightly.

date: 15/01/10
its the 15th again, i often seem to make entries at this time. i am about to start another rocket project, among others, and i am thinking of adding a couple of clickies beside the header images, so one can sort of flick through them. i have a lot of pictures to put up that i've taken around hobart too. i think i will write a page for them too.

date: 15/11/09
its been a busy week. 11/11, my 9800 finally died, of causes unknown, though probably related to old-age. 2003-2009, much loved, rest in peace

13/11, i planted my first garden, its very small and quaint.

14/11, i bought machinarium and its amazing

last week-ish, i completed the generation 2 of my sim pedals

thus i have lots of things to add to this website [not the same things necessarily] and need to get on with it!

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Facing Worlds, digital / virtual photography, 2009
Paths, pinhole / 4x5 transparencies, 2008
Decay, 35mm colour prints, 2007
grassroots landscapes, pinhole / colour prints, 2007
Alone in the Dark, 35mm black & white prints, 2006

Electrosonic II [rocket project]
Launch: Electrosonic 1

Sim Pedals II
Desktop sim pedals

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Coningham burns, 2008
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