finished installation [click for bigger]

2008: Pinhole 4x5 transparencies

This was my 3rd pinhole series [2006: a biscuit tin and black and white paper, 2007: a bronica S2A retrofitted with a jam jar lid]. I made the camera from scratch with 5x7 paper in mind, but with minor engineering genius I found it fitted a 4x5 sheet carrier. After looking at pinhole journal, and then any photographer's books that caught my eye, I knew I wanted to this series to be about pinhole, photography, and why I liked them. And I wanted to do it in colour too.
Not having a specific environment in mind led me to walking around a lot... So the pictures would be about both pinhole, and paths. The two related, and that convergence was central to how I thought and felt about photography. It always seems to be hard to pin down, but I think this was the overall reason for the series.

the final 9 transparencies [click for bigger]